For DMC and hotels

Who we are

We were established in response to the growing demand for cost-effective distribution solutions. We provide outsourced global travel representation in the areas of sales and marketing for the travel industry. CALLTOUR STS is dedicated to build a global network of DMC’s, Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Boards and other travel related services in major destinations in the world. Our ambition is to be experts in our selected destinations, knowing our products and the individuals at the sharp end, making us your partner of choice.

How we do it

Initially, we work with you to understand your sales strategy, opportunities and challenges, develop a tactical level sales plan with the selected markets, and manage them to meet your sales goals. You can choose between Client Branded Representation, for projects requiring 100% dedication or Portfolio Representation, for projects requiring a non-dedicated approach. All depending on your travel outsourcing needs and budgets.

Client branded representation

We are dedicated to your company and are branded as your company, when in front of the customer. You have the same benefit as an internal sales force while at the same time eliminating administrative or legal burdens for your organization.

Portfolio branded representation

This alternative allows you to introduce your product and services to a broad range of agency, corporate, meeting or other predefined customers and targets. You would join a small mix of other complementary travel companies, which are not competitive in a sales representative portfolio.

Our services

No matter what type of travel related business you are in, the need to extend sales into new markets, reduce operational costs and ensure brand continuity and success remain constant. CALLTOUR STS is able to translate any business strategy into reality. Our objectives are to represent DMC’s, Hotels, Tourist Boards and other travel related businesses in order to increase sales. Our services include sales and marketing representation in the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, with regional varieties.

In addition, we can provide a comprehensive information service, primarily to the travel trade but where necessary, even to the individual traveler. This includes managing enquiries and distribution of promotional materials, photographs and slides for associations, hotels and airlines. In addition, we organize and actively participate in trade shows, seminars, workshops and presentations to the travel trade.


• Face to face sales calls to retail travel agents
• Present your product or services at events to your targeted market
• Representation at the travel exhibitions, industry seminars, road shows and work shops
• Wholesale training programs to educate front line selling staff
• Training programs for travel agents.


• Strategy Planning
• Preparation of annual marketing plans and calendar of events
• Marketing Intelligence - competitor analysis
• Print advertising and online advertising - campaigns on key travel/news websites
• Social Media Management
• Direct marketing B2B / B2C – email broadcasts
• Database management - retail, consumer, MICE
• Event management and organization
• Study tours
• Manage third part vendor in order to implement marketing programs
• Respond to trade, media and consumer inquiries on your behalf.

Media & PR

• Media Promotion - magazine advertising, press releases
• Media familiarization tour organization
• Production and distribution of newsletters
• Database management
• Digital photo archive management
• Copy, design and production of advertising material
• Media acquisition.

Industry negotiation

• Annual rate contracting and negotiations with key wholesale partners
• Wholesale negotiations for regular product development
• Realistic and measurable co-operative and strategic advertising campaigns
• Wholesale training programs to educate front line selling staff
• Account management with key partners.

destination management company representation

CALLTOUR STS provide tailor made sales and marketing representation services for DMC’s. With an in-depth knowledge of the local travel trade and a vast database, we offer you our services.

Hotel representation

Our primary goal is to help hoteliers to develop their brand presence and awareness across international markets. We apply cost effective and efficient strategies from pure sales representation through to hotel internet marketing projects and international brand development.

Destination representation

CALLTOUR STS represents your Touris Board in order to build a strong brand identity that can significantly increase awareness, interest and visits. We assist you in translating the destination message to drive greater visitor numbers. Destination marketing covers all aspects of the sales and marketing development cycle covering trade awareness, consumer interest, PR and communications, online marketing, partnership development and sponsorship. We ensure we put marketing budgets to good use with return on investment measurements to ensure funds are spent to maximize impact and provide the best chance of success.

Why outsource

There are many reasons to consider for outsourcing your sales and marketing activities. One of them is the attractive gain it is to test new markets, or to expand into distant markets without having to undergo an expensive geographic expansion. Another might be to strengthen the existing sales force and reduced turnover costs.

For more information about outsourcing, and how we can boost your business, please contact us by sending an email to